Demon Hunter: LifeWar [Music Video]

Video: LifeWar Band: Demon Hunter Label: Solid State Records Album: The World Is A Thorn Band Page

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I know a voice like yours is not a weapon at all, even mine is not a chisel for a thickened skull
— Demon Hunter - “Not Ready to Die” on Summer of Darkness
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What is left?
I’ll take what I can get, and black out all the rest.
What is left?
Some words that I forget, and more I regret.
— Demon Hunter, “What is Left” (via outofcontextlyrics)
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Demon Hunter: My Destiny [Music Video]

Video: My Destiny Band: Demon Hunter Label: Solid State Records Album: True Defiance Band Page

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"Trust in the powerless
The ever knowing inside
See no deliverance
Leave all conviction behind
The darkest of hearts they cease to bleed

(and) Never deny for the self to lead
You’ll find in this a lonely home
No tear consoled
To wander on a nameless road
Beyond me”

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Down In A Hole - (original by Alice in Chains) A cover by Demon Hunter off their album The World is a Thorn (Deluxe Edition)…

Stuck in my head lately…

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Ryan’s new tattoo (by: http://instagram.com/davequiggle)!


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